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Article On Suppressor's for hunting in Texas

Iron Goat Guns is currently a Type 2 FFL with the SOT. We have a stock of suppressors, rifles
with custom suppressors.
We will offer all of these items for transfer on Form 3 to dealers with SOT at substantial savings.
We also have several Full-Auto M16 trigger groups including auto-sear and pins.
While these are not illegal to sell to non-SOT's, we will only sell them to those who either have the SOT or possess legally registered M16-type machineguns. We have one Bushmaster 3-round burst kit.
Please contact us at 850-722-0465 if you are interested. Be prepared to send a copy of your FFL and SOT, or other appropriate documentation. No exceptions!

Aluminum and steel suppressor $1000.00

Integrally suppressed 20 ga Handi-rifle barrel- $500.00

Internal view of suppressor showing baffles and bushings

Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 ( ported barrel) with Suppressor- $675.00

.22 Suppressor $1000.00

.22 Suppressor $1000.00

Prototype of our Suppressor this one fits .22-.380 caliber pistol

Suppressed S&W 500 Handi Rifle $895.00


NFA Handbook download

As of February 16, 2013, Iron Goat Guns will not sell any items to any agencies prohibiting or restricting sales of these same items to private citizens. This policy includes items under NFA rules such as short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors, AOW's, and machine guns.

If a Chief Law Enforcement Officer will not sign Form 4's for private citizens in his or her jurisdiction, Iron Goat Guns will not transfer NFA items to that agency. If future rules and policies in any jurisdiction further restrict private ownership of any related items, weapons, or accessories, Iron Goat Guns will expand its prohibitions on agency sales.

The owners of Iron Goat guns are pleased to join other companies in pushing back against those who would infringe on Second Amendment Rights. We urge all citizens and companies to enact similar policies. Further, we will support NO organization supporting any further restrictions on private ownership of weapons, accessories, or ammunition.

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